VW Caddy-Age 23+ *

1.1 x 1.2 x 1.7m

1.6 diesel

2 Seats 
Sliding door (V1)
* or similar

 Transit SWB-Age 23+ *

1.3 x 1.6 x 2.5m

2.2 TDCi

3 seats
Low roof (V2)
* or similar

Transit LWB-Age 23+ *

1.7 x 1.8 x 3.5m

2.2 TDCi

4 Door
High Top (V3)
* or similar

3.5 Tipper-Age 23+   *

3.5m bed length

2.2 diesel

3 Seats
Electric Tipper (V13)
* or similar

3.5 Dropside-Age 23+ *

4m bed length

2.2 diesel

3 seats
Dropside (V11)
* or similar

Dropside CrewCab-Age 23+ *

3.2m bed length

2.2 diesel

5 Seats
Crew Cab Dropside (V13) 
* or similar

VW Crafter 4M-Age 25+ *

1.7 x 1.9 x 4.0m

2.0 TDI

3 seats
High roof (V3+)
* or similar

Luton Tail lift-Age 25+ *

2.0 x 2.4 x 4.0m

2.5 diesel

3 Seats
Electric tail lift (V4)
* or similar

4X4 Pickup-Age 25+ *

Crew Cab with Tow bar  

2.0-2.5  diesel 4X4

Manual / Automatic
2-5 Seats
Air Con
* or similar


Pick up / or:
Drop off / or:
Drop at different

*** No CDW on this vehicle ***

European insurance + breakdown cover:
Use business insurance:






The office will be closed Saturday 13:00 until Monday 08:30 but you can still book and either:
- Return the vehicle on Monday (charge has been included).
- Choose to have it Collected and/or Delivered.
Please click OK to continue with your booking and call us on 01727 847756 to arrange or we will call you on the telephone number you provide.
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Terms & Conditions

All drivers need to be 21-70 years old and have held a full driving licence for at least 2 years. All the details you provide in this booking form are used to organise the vehicle hire requested, in rare cases we may need to arrange the booking with one of our selected vehicle hire partners and will need to share this information with them and only them.

What happens next
1. When we receive your on-line booking enquiry, you will receive a confirmation or decline of the vehicle requested via the e-mail address provided, usually within a few hours (do check your Spam / Junk folder). Providing a telephone number we can actually contact you on is important!

2. In the confirmation email you will get a link to upload an image of your driving license photocard and National Insurance number – we can not arrange vehicle hire without valid driver documents and ID details.

3. When the license details are received and acceptable we will contact you for the vehicle hire payment.

N.B. There are further Terms & Conditions you will need to comply with when you go ahead with the booking. To see the full set of our Terms & Conditions in a new window click here